Home Business Joe & Seph’s launches Gin & Tonic popcorn

Joe & Seph’s launches Gin & Tonic popcorn


Joe & Seph’s launched Gin & Tonic popcorn, a genius snack that combines the best of the current trend for gourmet popcorn with one of Britain’s favorite liveners.

Joe & Seph's launched Gin & Tonic popcorn

Joe & Seph’s launched Gin & Tonic popcorn

The product is air popped and it contains 5% real gin and 5% real tonic.

Joe & Seph’s have a second boozy option: caramel macchiato with whisky, which is described in the tasting notes as having notes of ‘smooth cream, followed by Columbian coffee and Scotch whisky to finish.

It is a nice foil to the G&T flavor, which is described as “deliciously fruity and spicy, a fascinating combination”.

Then there’s wine popcorn – a sauvignon blanc version and a pinot noir – created by U.S. company Populence (www.populencenyc.com) – who sell giant kettles of the stuff for $8.

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