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Anti-ageing tips


As we age, we’re tempted to plaster on more make-up in a bid to hide lines, hollow cheeks and sagging eyes.

Yet as supermodel Cindy Crawford, 46, has revealed, her secret to looking youthful is to do the opposite.

“I wear less make-up,” she tweeted.

“It can make you look older.”

Since then, Sharon Stone, 54, and Carol Vorderman, 51, have been seen looking bare-faced and beautiful.

“Too much make-up shrinks your features and makes skin appear dry,” says make-up artist Kim Jacob.

Here, we reveal how to reduce the signs of ageing:


Problem: Eyes become lined and appear smaller. Powder eyeshadows accentuate crepiness, while dark make-up closes up the eyes.

Turn back the years: Opt for brown or grey liners, and stick to paler eyeshadow. Use color sparingly on the outer corners of the lid and as a liner. Plum is in fashion and looks good with green and blue eyes.

Try Wild About Beauty’s Eyeshadow Pencil Duo or Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Eye Shadow.


Problem: Lips become thinner and wrinkles form. As we mature, lips can lose definition and dark colors accentuate this.

Lipstick can also bleed into fine lines. Older skin can be dry, and matte lipsticks make them look worse.

Turn back the years: Draw outside your natural lip line with a nude, matte lip pencil. Fill in the rest of the lip with a light color and add a dab of gloss. Try Pixi Lip and Line and Bobbi Brown Brightening Lip Gloss in pink.


Problem: Brows start to droop, while lashes fade and thin. Many of us overpluck, leaving brows looking sparse.

Daily use of waterproof mascara can dry out lashes, so they become fragile.

Turn back the years: Defined, high arches lift the face. Use a brow shadow to cover any grey hairs and fill out the shape. Tint lashes dark brown to make them appear fuller.


Problem: Cheeks lose volume and the face gets thinner. Dark bronzers can make the face can look gaunt. Blush worn too high can make eyes looks smaller and accentuate any crepiness.

Turn back the years: Apply a warm blush to the plumpest part of your cheeks to create youthful fullness. Use a rosy pink or peach-toned creamy blush and smooth it out towards the ears for a full, fresh look. Try Clinique Blushwear sticks in Peachy Blush.


Problem: Skin gets dull and wrinkled. Powdery make-up sits in lines and large pores, exaggerating them. Thick, matte make-up dulls the complexion.

Turn back the years: Make sure your foundation is exactly right for your skin tone. It’s best to avoid powder as this can be too matte – using a primer under foundation is a better way to reduce shine.

Try Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation and Pore-fessional primer, or Miracle Glo, which makes tired skin look fresh and radiant.