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Sacha Baron Cohen to develop new comedy based on Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao story


Sacha Baron Cohen plans to develop a film inspired by Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao who offered $65 million to any man who succeeded in marrying his lesbian daughter.

The comedy – based on the story of Cecil Chao – is set to star Sacha Baron Cohen, who will produce the Paramount Picture film through his company Four By Two.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest movie The Dictator made $177 million worldwide.

He is currently working on a 007 spoof.

According to Variety, the untitled film – also for Paramount – follows a James Bond-like spy who goes on the run with his football hooligan brother.

The Hong Kong comedy has yet to announce a writer.

In September, shipping magnate Cecil Chao publicly promised the huge sum of money after reports emerged that his businesswoman daughter, Gigi, had married her long-term girlfriend in France.

Cecil Chao rejected the rumors of a civil partnership, and said his daughter was still single and needed a “good husband”.

Same-sex unions are not recognized in Hong Kong, although homosexuality was decriminalized in 1991.

Sacha Baron Cohen will next be seen as innkeeper Thenardier alongside Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe in the all-star film adaptation of the long-running West End hit Les Miserables.


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