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Lady Gaga totes machine gun on Milan stage


Lady Gaga showed off a machine gun at her audience as she performed in Milan as part of her Born This Way tour on Tuesday night.

Emerging from a stone castle, Lady Gaga, 26, looked positively angelic in a flowing white gown, matching fur coat and a trademark quirky headpiece as she held a giant machine gun in her hands.

And that wasn’t the only gun reference of the evening, with Lady Gaga later showing off her curves in a black bra let with weapons strapped to the front.

As usual, Lady Gaga was out to shock with her spectacular showcase, and made sure to flash the flesh in a series of revealing outfits as she took to the stage in Italy.

In addition to her skimpy ensembles, she added a host of weird and wonderful outfits to her collection, including a giant statue of liberty headpiece.

Meanwhile, in another set, Mother Monster channeled her inner rock chick, taking to the stage in leathers on a fierce motorbike.

And once again, the carnivorous theme was back in force, with Lady Gaga taking her obsession to a new extreme by reclining back on a sofa made entirely of meat while surrounded by her troupe of dancers.

The star later ripped off her outer clothing to delight crowds with her controversial meat dress once again as giant lions hung in the background of the stage.

But it would seem being in Italy has made Lady Gaga somewhat homesick for her New York-based Italian father, Joe Germanotta.

Writing on her Twitter page, she said: “little italian girls all grown up, living the life. @germanottajoe be home soon daddy for spaghetti.”

And it wasn’t just her family the star was longing for as she continues travelling the world on her epic 113-date tour.

Lady Gaga also confessed she was missing her boyfriend, actor Taylor Kinney, whose new show Chicago Fire previewed in the US on Tuesday night.

She tweeted: “Miss T so much, so excited his show CHICAGO FIRE has their premiere 2nite. Congratulations Dick Wolf and the whole cast! Sending my love!”

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