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Watches are making a comeback


For many years it seemed that watches were outdated and would never gain popularity again, especially due to the fast development of mobile devices with integrated clocks. They are, however, experiencing a renaissance at the moment
According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, 2011 was one of the most successful years in terms of growth for the business and has seen watch exports from Switzerland gain up to 19.2%.


More than just a time-teller


Watches have always been far more than just items to tell their wearer what time it is. They serve aesthetic purposes, too, and are as often used as decor elements which can largely differ in prices. In fact, global brands like Jaeger-LeCoultre have decades of experience in manufacturing elegant wristwatches and some of their models go for five-digit sums. Watches come in such a huge variety of designs and colors that they match every taste. It is interesting to note that people often use watches to spice up their outfits and rather buy a watch than spend much money on an entire outfit. The aspect of fashion does therefore play an important role in the design of a watch. However, another aspect is as important: the various functions a watch can offer.


High-tech watches rival smartphones


Some of them even dispose of special features like waterproof watch cases or a compass, and the industry is working hard to compete with the latest electronic devices: Watches with Bluetooth-connectivity or the ability to be synced to smartphones are among the latest developments and are to attract a younger audience which wants to have some fun with the watches. Therefore it doesn’t come as a surprise that people between 15 and 30 who have grown up with electronic devices have become one of the most important target audiences for manufacturers of watches.


Standing out


It is quite ironic that the overwhelming success of mobile phones and smartphones has led to the recent comeback of watches. While over the last couple of years people have always competed over who has the best and latest technology, everyone does by now own a smartphone. To stand out, express themselves and underline their individuality, people are starting to look for something new. Especially for men, watches are classic accessories which give them the opportunity to create their individual outfit since they are quite restricted in their choice of jewelry. The fact that watches aren’t only elegant but also electronic gadgets makes them ideal for men.