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DWTS: Pamela Anderson eliminated after just one dance


Pamela Anderson was the first celebrity to be eliminated from Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday.

After just one dance, the viewers and judges voted out Pamela Anderson, 45, and her pro-dancing partner Tristan MacManus.

On Monday, Pamela Anderson performed a shaky routine, which left her close to tears when confronted with the judges.

“I don’t want to be the first person to cry on Dancing With the Stars,” she said as she was awarded a meagre 17 points – leaving her and Tristan MacManus at the bottom of the scoreboard on the show’s first all-star season.

“I screwed up so many things,” she told her partner.

Before her elimination, the former Playgirl pleaded with the judges to let her stay.

“The dance last night was very emotional,” she said.

“I put a lot of personal stuff into each performance and I just want to do more of it.”

The Barb Wire star attributed her poor performance to nerves and inexperience.

“I think emotions sometimes take over and also I’ve been travelling a lot, I probably should have rehearsed more… and they’re right,” she stuttered, looking at the judges.

“I should have put a lot more effort in, and I’m going to because next week we have such a great dance and I really want to get to it,” she begged while nervously licking her lips.

The former glamour model, who says she plans to appear on Broadway soon, seemed desperate to improve her ratings with the audience and judges.

“I’m going to end up in musical theatre and I’m going to be on Broadway and I’m really excited about that opportunity and the next dance is a little tease so I would really like to do it,” she implored fruitlessly, before her elimination.

Pamela Anderson was the first celebrity to be eliminated from Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday

Pamela Anderson was the first celebrity to be eliminated from Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday

Pamela Anderson was sent home but she managed to hold it together and crack a weak smile: “I was ready for it, for sure,” she said of her failure.

“We got the lowest score, but we’ll keep dancing, we’ll dance together again,” she said glancing back at her partner.

Also at the bottom of the pile were Bristol Palin, 21, her partner Mark Ballas and 98 Degrees singer Drew Lachey with Anna Trebunskaya. Both couples scraped through to the next round with judges praising Palin for improving the most.

Bristol Palin, daughter of the controversial politician Sarah Palin who was cheering her on from the sidelines, seemed particularly relived to make it though – after she was eliminated in the finals of season 11.

“I think I took a lot of heat last time for making it to the finals and I’m sure there’s going to be a lot more heat with me being on the All Star season,” said Bristol Palin.

Bristol Palin, who has a reality TV show Life’s a Tripp, added: “I know that I do deserve to be here because I work just as hard as everyone else and I hope that this time I can be a lot more confident and do a lot better for myself.”

Her partner Mark Ballas has been urging her to act more “sexy” and after Monday night’s dance host Tom Bergeron said: “You say that you’re shy but apparently your hips did not get the memo.”

Bristol Palin said her partner’s teaching method, where he tells her to “let that a** go nuts” and “give that a** its own brain” can be a little embarrassing as well as helpful.

“He’s really over the top, definitely and it’s not just like on the show, it’s all the time, all day, but it’s really fun and I think it helps me get out of my shell,” she said.

Top of the competition is the surprisingly nimble retired NFL champ Emmitt Smith, 43, who achieved the impressive score of 24.5.

Meanwhile DWTS veteran Kirstie Alley, 61, sailed safely into the second round saying: “I’m like alcoholic only I’m a dance-a-holic. I have to take it one day at a time.”

General Hospital actress Kelly Monaco, 36, was the champion in the first season of the show – but she lacked confidence in her latest performance.

“I still don’t know what I am doing,” she admitted after giving a feisty dance to Big Spender with her partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy.

“It’s roughly been about seven years since I have danced but I have decided to give it another shot because there is a certain fire that comes with being part of the show and I’ve been missing it,” she said.

An embarrassing moment came when former Disney actress Sabrina Bryan, 28, prematurely celebrated getting through to the next round – before it had been announced that she was safe.

“Wait a minute, I should clarify,” said host Tom Bergeron as she pre-emptively hugged, kissed and careered around onstage with her partner Louis van Amstel.

“Only the names I mentioned are safe,” he added.

“That was terrible,” said host Brooke Burke Charvet in reference to the mistake.

To save further blushing, the overzealous Cheetah Girl did qualify – but only after judges had scolded her for “over dancing” and trying too hard.

“There was no taming me last night,” said the DVD fitness coach emphatically.

“I was just really, really excited.”

Unsurprising, the youngest members of the audience were excited to see Justin Bieber perform As Long As You Love Me in a vest and pair of bizarre low slung shiny black trousers and a menagerie of male dancers.

Rapper Pitbull also made an appearance with a primetime TV debut of his song Don’t Stop the Party.

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