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Rihanna ruins her smile with a gold grill


Rihanna showed that even when she looks good on the outside she still struggles with her inner beauty as she ruined her smile with a gold grill.

Rihanna, 24, stepped out for dinner at her favorite restaurant sporting the mouth accessory as she rocked up to Giorgio Baldi for dinner with friends.

Her grill, which is a gold or bejeweled dental apparatus that sits over the teeth in the same way that a gum shield does, did nothing positive for her appearance.

Although they can be easily applied and removed as a temporary fashion accessory, they normally worn by men.

They are generally worn as a status symbol of wealth in the hip hop community and have been earning people street cred ever since the early 1980s when the blinged-out teeth became a full-blown hip-hop fashion statement.

Earlier this year Chris Brown joined rappers Kanye West, Nelly, Lil Wayne, and Lil Jon in the trend by proudly flashing his golden chompers to the dancing crowds at AV Nightclub in Hollywood.

Olympic swimming champion Ryan Lochte also wore a pair of grills after winning gold, which were customized to show the American flag.

Rihanna herself first started wearing the gold mouthpiece in 2011 when she filmed her music video for You Da One.

The singer may have found it rather difficult to eat her meal with the expensive piece of metal covering her teeth but thankfully she could have taken them out with ease.

The golden smile wasn’t the only thing on show by Rihanna as she also whipped out her legs for the low key dinner date.

Rihanna looked stunning in tiny black shorts, a black and white top and peep-toe boots covered with a sheer fabric.

But her face summed up her feelings at the end of a day spent remembering those tragically lost on 9/11 in 2001.

Earlier in the day, she tweeted a pic of New York City with the caption: “We’ll never forget this day! 9/11.”