Home Entertainment Kris Jenner takes polygraph test after secret meeting with Todd Waterman

Kris Jenner takes polygraph test after secret meeting with Todd Waterman


After last week’s episode saw Kris and Bruce Jenner on the verge on splitting up, Keeping Up With Kardashians focused on those crazy kids trying to get their parents back together.

On last week’s episode Bruce Jenner found a new golf partner in Angie Everhart.

Bruce Jenner told his wife he loved playing golf with the model, and Kris became green.

Still, Angie Everhart and Bruce Jenner continued to flirt wildly and Kris spotted them in the act as she and daughter Kim Kardashian spied from a golf cart.

Kris Jenner then set up a meeting with former toyboy, Todd Waterman, who she had enjoyed an affair with while married to her childrens’ father Robert Kardashian.

But when cheeky Todd Waterman asked what room they were in and if Kris Jenner was “tipsy yet” before suggesting shots during their meeting, Kris quickly realizes that the grass isn’t greener.

She comes away thinking she made the right decision, and decides it’s Bruce she loves.

The matriarch then wakes Bruce up to tell her how she feels, he’s grumpy to be disturbed and even more annoyed when told: “Tonight is the night that I had to meet up with Todd again.”

Kris Jenner then added: “I may have been fantasising about someone for 25 years who didn’t justify it.”

“What an idiot you are, I don’t know if I can even trust you,” Bruce Jenner understandably yells back at her.

Kris Jenner remains stunned that her husband is not understanding about her secret meet up, however.

She tries to explain why meeting with Todd Waterman has given her a new perspective on him and, it should be good news for Bruce Jenner.

Bruce Jenner just asks Kris to explain why she had to see the “a******.”

When the time comes to confess to her daughters, Kris Jenner cruelly tells pregnant Kourtney Kardashian to leave the room but her sisters rail against it and the eldest daughter remains.

After Kris Jenner confesses to her children, it becomes clear why she didn’t want Kourtney Kardashian there as she exclaims at her mother: “What a little w***e!”

Kourtney Kardashian then adds that she feels like her mother is lying about the outcome, and her other daughters chime in with their disapproval, Kim suggests a lie detector test.

Kourtney asks: “Did you touch his p**** under the table with your foot?”

To find out such edifying details, the girls enlist a polygraph specialist called Joseph who has worked with “the Kennedys and the CIA”.

When they tell an obviously rattled Bruce Jenner, he confides in the girls that just after he married Kris she told him: “Never trust me.”

Bruce Jenner therefore thinks the test is a great idea, and is keen to hear the results… the girls joke that their mother will “enjoy the attention”.

Kris Jenner takes polygraph test after secret meeting with Todd Waterman

Kris Jenner takes polygraph test after secret meeting with Todd Waterman

The test moment arrives, and Kris Jenner is asked questions devised by her daughters.

She is asked if Kim is her favorite daughter and answers: “Yes”, and “no” to whether or not she has ever taken a bigger cut than she was entitled to from their deals.

She also answers in the affirmative as to whether Robert Kardashian is Khloe’s real father.

And it’s of course a “no” to being “in love with Todd Waterman”, and another negative as to whether an affair is on the cards.

The affair question causes a bump on the test, but Joseph explains it is most likely the emotion of a memory recalled and Kris Jenner is judged as passing the test.

Kris Jenner high fives her delighted daughters, but Bruce is still unconvinced.

He wants answers about the meeting, and he says he saw the needle bouncing around.

The man of the house even yells “whopee” sarcastically after Kris Jenner pleads that the dinner made her feel better so he should be pleased.

The children make up their minds to send the parents to a beach house Malibu (after deciding they need to get away from the drab reality of their multi-million dollar mansion).

But their relationship is as rocky as the coastline… even there.

Until, that is, Kim Kardashian sends a book of photographs charting their relationship in photographs jolts them into a realization.

The pair agrees to get their relationship back on track, before enjoying a romantic sunset.