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Whitney Houston cause of death, speculations continue


As speculation continues about the cause of Whitney Houston’s death, gossip website TMZ reported that some of her prescriptions were filled out at the infamous Mickey Fine pharmacy.

Mickey Fine pharmacy was raided in 2009 by the DEA for evidence of “improper dispensing of controlled substances”, in connection with the death of Michael Jackson.

These reports have yet to be confirmed.

Michael Jackson was said to have received from the Beverly Hills pharmacy the highly addictive Demerol – one of the drugs which was alleged to have contributed to his death – and agents believe it may have refilled prescriptions without a doctor’s authorization.

It took nearly three months for the coroner to officially rule on Michael Jackson’s death which was eventually determined to be from “acute propofol intoxication” and two other drugs.

Mickey Fine’s is thought to have been the go-to pharmacy for both singers who are believed to have spent thousands of dollars there.


US reports claim that some of Whitney Houston prescriptions were filled out at Mickey Fine pharmacy that was under investigation in connection with Michael Jackson’s death

US reports claim that some of Whitney Houston prescriptions were filled out at Mickey Fine pharmacy that was under investigation in connection with Michael Jackson’s death


Some of the prescriptions found in Whitney Houston’s hotel room were reportedly issued in 2011, but some were believed to have been more recent.

The amoxicillin was recently prescribed to Whitney Houston for a sore throat, sources told TMZ.

A coroner ruled today that it was impossible to ascertain the exact cause of Whitney Houston’s death but ruled out foul play.

The singer’s family was allegedly told by Los Angeles County Coroner officials there was not enough water in her lungs to conclude she had drowned in her luxury hotel bathtub and in fact died before her head went under water, said TMZ.

Los Angeles assistant chief coroner Ed Winter refused to go into details and said toxicology reports will not be available for several weeks, making it impossible to pinpoint the exact cause of death.

Ed Winter confirmed to ABC that officials found prescription bottles, but said there wasn’t anything “alarming” or “out of the ordinary” about them.

Though there were reports Whitney Houston had drowned, or overdosed, he said they won’t make a final determination until “all the tests are in”.

Ed Winter said: “No matter what medications they’re taking, until we run a (toxicology test) and see the level and what’s in the system, we’re not going to speculate.”

County coroners will request copies of her medical records and will compare them with prescription bottles found in the hotel room, a source told The Sun.

If anyone gave Whitney Houston the drugs illegally, they could be charged.

“[Authorities] need to determine that no one is criminally negligent. There still could be charges in this case,” the source said.

Coroners have still not ruled a cause of death but it is believed she died – perhaps from a mixture of drugs – before she became submerged in the bath where her body was found.

Law enforcement sources said it is possible Whitney Houston suffered a heart attack as a result of the cocktail of drugs she had taken.

While questions remain about what happened prior to her death, photographs shed some light on Whitney Houston’s last minutes.

Pictures released of the hotel room in which Whitney Houston died show remains of her final meal – a hamburger, fries and a turkey sandwich – which she is said to have eaten in the bathroom immediately before she died.

The pictures also show Whitney Houston was drinking champagne and beer shortly before her death.