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Emma Watson: Dumped for Being too Famous


Emma Watson dumped again; this time for being too famous.


Emma Watson, know for her role in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, revealed thather ex-boyfriend dumped her because she’s too famous.

Emma Watson

She dated Francis Boulle, who now stars in British reality TV show Made In Chelsea, for a short period of time. Francis Boulle claimed he broke up with Emma because he did not want to become known as the Harry Potter star’s boyfriend.


“We had a bit of a thing a while back, but I have always been an ambitious person and I want to achieve my own notoriety for what I’ve done,” claims Francis Boulle. “That’s why I chose not to pursue it any longer, because I didn’t want to be the boyfriend of some child actress.”

He added in an interview:

“I actually really like Emma. She’s a really cool person. She’s a very different person to who she is in the media. That’s what I liked about her – she’s very interesting.”

When Reality TV star was asked whether they stay in touch, he admitted he was no longer in regular contact with the actress, though they occasionally run into one another.

“No, but we do share a lot of mutual friends and our paths cross from time to time.”