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DSK’s first interview since returning to France.

DSK, the former IMF chief gave his first interview since New York arrest on Sunday evening and described his sexual encounter with a Sofitel maid as a “moral failing”.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, 63, finally broke the silence on the New York scandal that cost him the IFM job and his chance of becoming France’s president. On the first TV interview he gave after the New York arrest, DSK insisted he used “no violence, constraint or aggression” against the 32-year-old Nafissatou Diallo maid accusing him of attempted rape. DSK admitted: “I will always regret it.”

DSK was interviewed on French TV channel TF1 by veteran presenter Claire Chazal

DSK was interviewed on French TV channel TF1 by veteran presenter Claire Chazal


DSK was interviewed on French TV channel TF1 by veteran presenter Claire Chazal.

The former IFM chief had been accused of “trying to dodge the tough questions” by choosing Claire Chazal, who is a close friend of his wife, Anne Sinclair. Anne Sinclaire, the former television journalist worked for many years for TF1 channel.

Claire Chazal began the interview with the question: “What happened in the suite at the Sofitel hotel?”

DSK replied: “What happened involved neither violence, nor constraint, nor aggression, nor any other wrongful act. What happened were not only inappropriate relations, but a fault. It was a moral fault that I am not proud of. I will always regret it.”

Dominique Strauss-Kahn said he had “no intention of negotiating” with Nafissatou Diallo over her civil action against him. The allegations in the criminal case against him have already been dropped.

DSK also admitted that the scandal had dashed his presidential ambitions, adding: “I have now missed my appointment with the French people.”

DSK agreed with Claire Chazal that the New York incident could have been a set-up, saying: “A trap, well that’s possible. A conspiracy? We’ll see.”

He also said he would “take time to reflect” about his future, but confirmed that he had no immediate plans to return to politics.

The interview comes amid another scandal, DSK being accused in France that he tried to rape young journalist Tristane Banon in 2003.

Last week, in a police interview, DSK has confessed that he “tried to kiss her”, but denies and violence or attempted rape. DSK admitted lunging at Tristane Banon, who 31 years his junior, because “he thought that’s what she wanted”, according to L’Express magazine.

Tristane Banon has claimed that DSK “behaved like a rutting chimpanzee” leading her to kick and punch him before fleeing in panic.

DSK is now suing journalist Tristane Banon for defamation.

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